Appendix C: Datamodel Map

This specification appendix, entitled Datamodel Map, contains the entire OpenCannabis Specification set of core and extension data models, charted in one graphic.

Language ENGLISH: 0 SPANISH: 1 FRENCH: 2 Compression enabled: bool type: Compression.Type Type NONE: 0 GZIP: 1 BROTLI: 2 SNAPPY: 3 ProductKind FLOWERS: 0 EDIBLES: 1 EXTRACTS: 2 PREROLLS: 3 APOTHECARY: 4 CARTRIDGES: 5 PLANTS: 6 MERCHANDISE: 7 ProductKey id: string type: ProductKind ProductReference name: string key: ProductKey Date iso8601: string Instant iso8601: string timestamp: uint64 Time iso8601: string

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