OpenCannabis: Proximity Extension

  • Version 1.0
  • Status: RAW

Status of this Memo

This specification's current status is considered RAW, i.e. pre-DRAFT. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.


This document describes an extension to the OpenCannabis Specification, version 1, that introduces proximity-related definitions structures, and services that compose, create and reference pricing.

"Proximity" in this context, refers to:

  • Bluetooth beacons
  • Beacon locations
  • Accuracy of the location

Table of Contents

Protocol Definition


BluetoothBeacon uuid:string major:uint32 minor:uint32 seen:opencannabis.temporal.Instant location:opencannabis.geo.Location accuracy:opencannabis.geo.LocationAccuracy


Specifies a Blutooth beacon signal, detected or emitted by a BLE device.

Field Type Label Description
uuid string UUID for the device, as observed or broadcasted.
major uint32 'Major' value in the BLE signal.
minor uint32 'Minor' value in the BLE signal.
seen opencannabis.temporal.Instant Timestamp for when this beacon was witnessed.
location opencannabis.geo.Location Location of the emitting or reporting (receiving) beacon.
accuracy opencannabis.geo.LocationAccuracy Estimate as to the distance accuracy of this beacon.

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